How to Flirt With a Girl and Attract Her

So in this article I want to talk about something I learned about flirting from my friend Bobby.

Since I’ve known him, he’s been a master of using the innocent words, and what he called “sexy small talk” to slip past girls’ defenses and seduce them before they are even aware that it is happening.


If you want to review what those innocent words, take a look at the video (it will teach you everything you need to know about flirting and what to say to get a girl to like you)

Here’s the link


Bobby once told me how he came up with these powerful words. At that time, he had been through a painful break-up after his girlfriend was seduced on a trip to Las Vegas. She had told him to his face that this other guy in Vegas had satisfied her in ways that Bobby never did.  Then she dumped him. That would kill any guy’s confidence, and Bobby was no different

– his love life hit rock bottom after that.

But hey, the best ideas come when you are at rock bottom and have nothing to lose. That’s when you are ready to try the kind of groundbreaking stuff that will really set you apart from other guys.I know this from my own experiences.So, Bobby found his first “innocent words” from notes made by his ad-agency co-worker who was advertising romance novels. This old ad-man had found out that certain words turned girls on and caused them to want to buy the romance books. Being desperate at that time, Nick tried some of these words on girls he met in passing.

He was thinking that if these words worked to “seduce” girls to buy romance books, he could also use the words for seduction.

It worked.

He noticed that the girls who he used these words on were looking at him more intensely and making little flirty gestures like touching his arm when they talked to him. At first, Bobby didn’t really believe these words were working, so he wasn’t ready to seal the deal with any of these girls. But as he started using these words more and more, he realized that they were truly powerful, and he regained the confidence that he had lost after he was so painfully dumped.

Here’s why I am telling you about Bobby’s words:

They are powerful.

They are powerful because you can use them in a regular conversation to automatically plant the idea of sex in a girl’s mind.

You don’t have to memorize some sort of progression of pick-up lines or you don’t have to try to be someone you are not.

You can use these words and get a girl lusting after you without trying to be someone that you’re not.

I said this in an earlier email, but I’ll say it again here: girls get turned on as easy as guys do.

These words (and this entire way of sexualized flirting and small talk), if you use them right, are like the switch that turns girls on.

So with these words you can just be yourself, and forget about all those traditional seduction methods that girls are looking out for (and defending against).
Bobby has a presentation that explains how to use these words in the correct way so that they really work.

—> You can check out Bobby’s presentation here

In this video, he also talks more about the story of how he went from rock bottom to unstoppable pick-up artist, which is kind of inspirational, because lots of guys are going through that same progression.

Bobby also has a course called “Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy” that really gives you everything that you need to know to become as successful as he is at using these simple, innocent words to score as many girls as you want. (or to score that one girl who has always turned you down before).

Here’s a video explaining more about Make Small Talk Sexy

So, get as much information about these words as you can possibly find.Then, try them out, and see what happens.Trust me, you will be surprised by how girls respond. This is truly something that you can base your whole game around.

So go and watch Bobby’s video and learn what he teaches about flirting with a girl in a way that drives her wild with attraction. And then go out and make it happen.



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  2. That’s a great post :-)

    To flirt with a girl, you have to be positive first..

    If you keep smiling every time, the girl you secretly have a crush on, will be more attracted to you.. Then, you can approach her and give compliments by making an eye contact.. Letting her know that you like her is also a great way to flirt with a girl..

    Thanks for a great post :)

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